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DescriptionThe following class has been cancelled for the given day(s).
The following class has been cancelled for the given day(s).
Course Name:MUS-184-01 Popular Music in America
Instructor:Thomas Davis
Cancellation Dates:10/14/2020
Class Begin Time:11:00AM
Class End Time:11:50AM
Course Days:M,W,F between 11:00AM and 11:50AM
Additional Information:
Hi. Sorry fore the abrupt string of cancellations. A family emergency has me rushing to Cleveland. In lieu of synchronous class Wednesday, please make sure you do the following: 1. Watch Video: Discovering American folk music 2.Listening (4): "Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane", "Soldier's Joy", "Wild Wood Flower", "Waitin' for a Train Founbd on Spotify playlist: Read Ch 10 and 11 in the text, and the Ch 11 Listening guides: Assignments Due Friday: 1. Due 10/16: Proposals for Independent Research Projects 2. Due 10/16: Listening Journal (Chapters 10 & 11) If you have any questions let me know, and I'll try to respond ASAP. Tom

The following class has been cancelled for the given day(s).
Course Name:ENV-115-01 Environmental Science
Instructor:Blake Mathys
Cancellation Dates:10/14/2020
Class Begin Time:12:00PM
Class End Time:02:50PM
Course Days:M,W between 12:00PM and 02:50PM
Additional Information:
We'll be discussing various assignments in class on Monday; class will be canceled on Wednesday, giving you more time to work on the various course assignments.

The following class has been cancelled for the given day(s).
Course Name:CORE-179-BL3 What Does It Mean to Be Human
Instructor:Stephen Thomas
Cancellation Dates:10/14/2020 - 10/16/2020
Class Begin Time:12:00PM
Class End Time:12:50PM
Course Days:M,W,F between 12:00PM and 12:50PM
Additional Information:
Wednesday and Friday will be online, as follows: Wed, 10/14 NO CLASS MEETING, but submit this nongraded homework before Friday: Write an essay on ONE of the following (about 250 words) – 1. What is the quarrel about between Oedipus and Creon (see pp. 125ff)? What does it tell us about the difference in the outlook of the two, especially with regard to leadership? 2. “Know thyself” indeed. This is a play about self-knowledge. . . .Oedipus’s growing self-knowledge!! How does Oedipus react to it, along the way and by the end? Fri, 10/16 NO CLASS MEETING AT NOON. Instead we will engage in an online discussion spread over the course of several hours. I will pose questions for you to discuss, as in a chat room. Look for further directions in email! Note that the syllabus tells you participation earns you extra points.

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